Testing in VPI's anechoic chamber

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

VPI Laboratories can now perform electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) unintentional emissions pre-compliance testing in our state-of-the-art anechoic chamber at our Draper facility. FCC compliance is paramount for electronic devices sold in the U.S.

The FCC enforces the regulations that dictate the amount of electronic noise that can be emitted from electronic devices at certain frequencies. If a device cannot comply with their requirements it has to be redesigned or modified before it can be sold.

Third party FCC testing in Utah is normally conducted in open area test sites like the one we operate in Wanship, UT. These test sites are typically remote so that test results will not be interrupted by outside electromagnetic interference.

We conduct pre-compliance testing in the Salt Lake Valley. We use the latest Rhode and Schwarz test software and our anechoic chamber blocks out ambient noise, resulting in faster testing and more accurate spurious emissions identification.

We have prudently correlated pre-compliance testing in the anechoic chamber to our Wanship open area test site, and we are confident that results in the anechoic chamber will be consistent with test results from our accredited Wanship open area test site.

Contact us to schedule your unintentional emissions testing in our anechoic chamber. Email us at info(at)vpilabs(dot)com or call us at (801) 260-4040.